Episode #8 The Patient Lens

My hope for the next few episodes is to open the conversation and connect to people living with mental illness and those who love, support, counsel, parent, care, teach, and know people … because behind many well hid

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Episode #7 Fore Play

Let's talk about foreplay! What has to be in place before you can play and be playful? Create "safe" (physical, and emotional) spaces to play, recognize why people do not or cannot play, and inviting people to the play. Come consider the foreplay... everyone is welcome on this playground.

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Episode #6 All Work And No Play

Defining play is like defining joy… or love or hope and so many other things that are personal.. and universal all at the same time… I work with definitions from research to 5 year old’s, evidence and science to the wisdom of people who have lived long enough and deep enough to remind us of its importance.

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Episode #5 A Play On Words : Building Bridges NOT Barricades

Do you know how good bridges are built? Basic bridges are built on the premise of creating two foundations that support a load. According to engineers bridges balance both “tension and compression while resisting environmental forces”

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Episode #4 Playing To Your Strengths – The Business of Play

Today on the playground we are going to talk about playing to your strengths … and how finding your strength and the strength of your team can change your performance and profit. A diverse workforce that connects in play will include and perform.

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Episode #3 Leveling The Playing Field

Today on the playground we are going to talk about Leveling the Playing Field, what we learn in play that we might consider in our personal and professional worlds.

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Episode #2 DON’T SAY PLAY!!!!

Today on playing for a change we are going to discuss the aversion to talking about P-L-A-Y. That four letter word that scares many people..

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Episode #1 Committed 2 Play

In this episode I introduce to the listeners my "why". Why play? How and why it changed my world and others. It is the beginning, but not where it starts ... come out and play for a change.

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Trailer – Play For A Change

When was the last time you did something with so much joy, that you lost all track of time? This “thing” makes you feel alive, authentic, it is a pure expression of who you are when no one is watching. Consider that for just a moment…

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Inclusive Language is a Bridge That Connects Two Sides

If I start a conversation with you and use person first language and you suggest to me that you would prefer a different way of considering how I say something or do something, then you cross the bridge with me and together we come to connection.

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