At AMPED2PLAY, we move your organization from diversity to inclusion, with training experiences that people WANT to participate in. Through the application of our Applied Play Experiences, we address sustainable physical, cognitive, and social change over a lifetime by returning people to a place of unfiltered conversations. We also establish how to build or rebuild a genuine connection and understanding to how differences are our strengths.

We create energy and passion for change using evidence-based processes focused on self-expression, confidence, and productivity through play. At AMPED2PLAY, we ask ourselves, “what if we change the conversation? What if we built the foundation from what we were really good at?” We understand the shaming that occurs for not being enough; not smart enough, not diverse enough, not flexible enough, not being empathetic enough, not inclusive enough. In solution to this, we educate on the premise that our unique gifts, strengths,

and talents create space to build our foundations in recognizing diversity as our strength. We create optimal environments where people can safely share, risk, and connect to barriers and solutions for creating inclusive cultures. If you are looking to create authentic, sustainable change then your team needs to experience what the change feels like, looks like, and sounds like first-hand. AMPED2PLAY provides intentional and specific Applied Play Experiences that change the way your organization sees itself from the inside out.


AMPED2PLAY has created an optimal progression that is recommended for your corporation to follow. Although you can take each course individually, we recommend following this pathway for the most favorable results. To view this pathway, select the option below.

Corporate Pathway

Braving Connection Online

Diversity and inclusion training that improves employee engagement, collaboration, and reduces employee absenteeism.

Engaging Inclusion

Diversity and inclusion training that improves employee engagement, collaboration, and reduces employee absenteeism.


Diversity and inclusion training that creates authentic, sustainable, and measurable change within your organization's culture.

SenseABLE Services

Diversity and inclusion training that will optimize your customer service and retention.

Education & Community

Use our solutions for incorporating diversity and inclusion into your educational/school environment and community. We provide diversity and inclusion training in a transformative way that emphasizes the need to learn in an enjoyable and playful environment.

To view our Certifications, select the option below.

Certification Pathway

Braving Connection

in Education


Stay playful and connected when required to be isolated, alone, or at home for extended periods of time.


Professional Development for applying inclusive PLAY6S objectives.

PLAY6S Training

Learn unique adaptive tools to include people of all ages and abilities.

Ramshackle Play

Build resilient individuals in an inclusive and multigenerational play environment.

Ramshackle Play Training

Cultivate spaces that encourage connections across generations and individuals of all abilities.


Address barriers to inclusive sport cultures and participation of athletes with disabilities.