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We recognize the importance of utilizing fundamental play concepts in Corporate, Sport and other high performing environments to increase performance capacity.



AMPED2PLAY is rooted in technology that allow the integration of a broad range of data applications, analytics, system design and spatial (geographic) location data solutions.



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We Believe in Diversity, Inclusion & Play

Play is when we are most open to taking risks, when we feel our most capable and confident. In these moments, we are in a state of self-discovery and expression. We are learning, reaching, and attaining new experiences, skills, and abilities. Being immersed in creative change is necessary in order to understand adaptation, and the ability to cope in any environment.


Physical Play

We all require physical activity. Whether youth in the process of discovering basic physical movement skills as their young bodies begin their developmental journey, adolescent and aging adults enduring extensive sedentary hours per day; seniors navigating the physical needs of daily life, while facing daily challenges increased through the aging process. The creativity of Play optimizes and enriches our bodies as we progress through our life journey.

Cognitive Play

Our daily life challenges us with decisions, experiences, opportunities, all of which require our minds to engage cognitively. The mind is a remarkable tool, but also requires stimulation to ensure it remains a healthy, active part of us throughout our multigenerational journey. Play constantly challenges our creative thought patterns, our ability to use our imaginations, which when shared with experiential learning keeps our minds healthy and expanding.

Social Play

Human beings are a community. Play is a continuum that binds us together throughout this life. We Play together as children, and through our education and shared experiences we grow. We Play together as adults, by sharing life’s, working together, raising families; and finally, we Play as seniors, as we share life experiences and the company of all age groups. Play can help us defeat loneliness, exclusion, and fear; by being part of an inclusive, sharing collective for life.

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