Today on the playground we are going to talk about Leveling the Playing Field, what we learn in play that we might consider in our personal and professional worlds.

When was the last time your day was totally predictable? Unchanged? When you didn’t have to consider other ways of balancing priorities, time, commitment, people, planning or organization?

Changing direction and newness can be hard, and often times it goes against the traditional well-structured plans laid for reproducible, predictable management of people and organizations.

So if the definition of diversity is “being composed of different elements”… are we not surrounded by different elements every day? It’s what we do with them, respond to them and behavior around or about them that is important.

Let’s go back to the playground or ice rink in this case to see an example:

“Sticks in the Middle” as told by my husband Ken Heather about the corner rink and how the call of “sticks in the middle” decided who you were going to play with.

What would happen if we just put everyone’s stick on the ice? What if we learned to adapt, flex, and change according to where the stick lands?

What if we created a system where we “just played” without titles, and picking sides? What if we said this is your team … work with their strengths.