Adapted and Inclusive Play Solutions


PLAY6S is designed to reduce the barriers to participation of individuals of all abilities by building capacity, confidence and compassion of professionals in practice, through the provision of practical tools and education for adaptation and inclusion.

Ramshackle Play

Ramshackle Play provides the opportunity to create a unique and fully inclusive environment by encouraging self-directed play to enhance skills of critical thinking, innovation, physical, social and cognitive development for all ages.


Sport4All provides a "play" based inclusive environment in which participants are introduced to a "Ski4All" area that allows them to try the equipment that competitors use establishing  a connection between audience and competitor experience. 


AMPED2PLAY recognizes the physiological, social and intellectual need to return to play in order to grow, innovate and diversify our workplace, organizations, and teams. Play Brave is a mechanism for lasting and authentic change, connection, and innovation.