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Adaptive Contact Database

The Adaptive Contact (ACT) database is an online resource that provides information on adaptive programming available in your community. It will lead to inclusive opportunities for participation at any point along the Long Term Athlete/Participant Development (LTA/PD) pathway. It is designed as a one-stop search option for the adaptive community that remains current, is continuously updated, and remains sustainable over the long term.

The ACT Database provides participation based information as to inclusive/accessible offerings, whether it is a program, facility or service. The information it provides maximizes the ability for adaptive audiences to access information that will connect them to sport and recreation opportunities province-wide. Information provided includes:

  • Provincial/State Adaptive Organizations
  • Provincial/State Sport Organizations
  • Club Programs
  • Local Service Providers
  • Education Programs
  • Community/Municipal Programming
  • Primary Phone Contact
  • Secondary Phone Contact
  • Primary Email Contact
  • Complete Address
  • Sport and Recreation Programming
  • Life Services
  • Accessible Facilities
  • Transportation
  • Funding and Support Options
  • Accessible Health Care Options
The overall impact of the Adaptive Contact (ACT) Database is that it becomes an effective online information resource that provides collaboration and connectivity between organizations and communities throughout a Province, State or Region. 

The purpose of the ACT Database is to provide accessible options for sport and recreation participation for all abilities, including physical, sensory, cognitive and emotional/social adaptive needs. These opportunities are both inclusive of family, friends and caregivers, as well as multigenerational access for any age of each participant.

The ACT database becomes a broader resource, as the information contained can be utilized as an accountability resource for its funded organizations. The information can also be combined with membership data from each lead organization in determining organizational impact on membership.

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