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PLAY2PERFORM applies the fundamental concepts of Play to Corporate, Sport and other High Performing Environments. It provides a measurable process through which results-oriented corporate and sport organizations can realize profit/success increases by applying play-based performance strategies and applicable tools. Our metrics supported outcome utilizes our Play concepts to produce increased individual and team productivity and wellness while enhancing the creativity, resilience and readiness of the groups that we work with.

Play and happiness are not simply whimsical terms of childhood simplicity, but are critical developmental and lifelong personal growth requirements. Play is instrumental in maximizing a healthy, creative and productive life journey. Play is the catalyst for authenticity and sustainable change. In order to address sustainable physical, cognitive and social change over a lifetime, we need to return to a place of unfiltered conversations and genuine connection.

85% of today’s companies that are searching for creative talent can’t find it. In a recent IBM survey, 1,500 CEOs identified creativity as the number one leadership competency of the future. The United Nations released the Creative Economy Report of 2010, suggesting that creative countries are more economically resilient.   

To move towards creativity, it is first important to recognize that societally we have moved away from a natural exposure to risk, adversity, and diversity. We have let fear be the compass for our actions, behavior and connections.  We cannot continue to play on the surface of our deepest societal issues, including the workplace and other performance activities, without discovering the depth through which we can develop a greater resilience and capacity to embrace performance. 

AMPED2PLAY has created an evidence-based and measurable play solution designed to increase corporate productivity, communication and physical, mental and collegial health of any size of corporate team.

There is no doubt about the evolution of seriousness in sports over the past few years. Better trained Coaches are being introduced, integrated support trainers know exactly how to make the human body perform at a higher level, there is a greater understanding of the athlete mind more now than ever, and both legal and illegal substances have allowed new heights in every corner of the sporting world.

But what if we were to incorporate some of the opposite? What if there is as large of an advantage to taking ourselves a little less seriously, allowing ourselves to play a little bit more, and opening up new parts of how we feel about ourselves as individuals and within our teams? Having fun, enjoying what we are doing, and finding a way to grow is a challenge, but it is probable that building play into the training of competitive youth, adult and professional athletes will actually be the next frontier of improving the best of the best in a fair play context.

AMPED2PLAY provides an innovative and exceptional team experience in international high performance and elite sport. We make it our goal to deliver world leading solutions through play.

The process of implementation begins with two programs that AMPED2PLAY delivers within PLAY2PERFORM. Both are designed to create the initial dialogue necessary as an entry point for our AMPED2PLAY performance team. A comprehensive assessment of the organization is then completed to design a customized solution that leads to a measurable and profitable ROI as the final outcome. The two PLAY2PERFORM assessment programs include Policy2People and SenseABLE Service.


Every year, many organizations allocate time, resources, and budget towards fostering an inclusive culture — and the interest, through necessity, is still increasing. We move organizations from well written policy documents to affecting change in people by providing implementable solutions that make a difference now.

SenseABLE Services

Would you like to create new strategies for enhancing employee connection to their working environment and create optimal sensory spaces that increase ROI? Would you like to design settings that fully engage your customers, evoking a desire to return to your space? Learn how to provide authentic, sustainable, and measurable change.