Para-Alpine Skiing, Para-Nordic Skiing and Para-Snowboarding

Sport4All engages visitors at alpine skiing, nordic and snowboard venues hosting International Para-snowsport competitions, to visit a Ski4All, Slide4All or Ride4All festival site. These festival sites are created to encourage the public to experience what the elite Para-athletes are using as adaptive equipment and to gain an increased appreciation of what Para-snowsport is all about. Everyone can try a sit-ski, experience visual impairment on skis, and try outriggers as a standing disability. 

All those who take part in a Sport4All experience will also meet the elite Para-athletes who are competing and through Sport4All connectivity, newcomers and fans of Para-snowsport gain an increased awareness of what an elite Para-athlete is accomplishing. Sport4All develops an educated understanding and increased excitement about the sport of Para-alpine skiing, Para-nordic skiing and Para-snowboard, with Sport4All participants departing event as new ambassadors for Paralympic sport.

SPORT4ALL was created by AMPED2PLAY Inc. experts in Paralympic Sport and Adapted Physical Activity with a combined 50 years’ experience building programs that bridge physical, cognitive and social/emotional barriers to accessible sport from both the athlete and spectator perspective.

SKI4ALL (SPORT4ALL) addresses major barriers to building inclusive cultures and participation by athletes with a disability including:

  • Lack of knowledge on the part of able-bodied participants and observers about sport for people with disabilities.
  • Fear of addressing differences in physical ability due to lack of experience with, connection to, or negative experiences around people living with a physical disability.
  • Social Avoidance: people hesitant to approach individuals with disabilities because of stigma or bias. 
  • Fear of saying or doing something inappropriate because of ever-changing, diverse “politically correct” language and actions.
  • Lack of knowledge or understanding of how sport is accessible to people with multiple levels of ability.

"We are here to promote awareness and education about Para-Alpine Skiing."

The 2017-18 Snowsport Season saw Ski4All events supported through the International Paralympic Committee AGITOS Foundation. The events took place in Kimberley, British Columbia, Canada at the World Para-Alpine Skiing (WPAS) World Cup Finals; and also in Obersaxen, Switzerland, at the WPAS European Cup Finals and Swiss National Championships.

We educate audiences about:

  • Addressing difference as strength.
  • Inclusive sport for people with disabilities.
  • Inclusive sport for a lifetime of aging and changing bodies and abilities.
  • The value of all people.
  • The importance of physical, cognitive and social awareness.
  • The importance of accessibility.
  • The value of play, movement, and sport in lifetime wellness.