AMPED2PLAY Regional License Ownership

AMPED2PLAY Inc. is offering licensing opportunities to motivated and dynamic business owners who want to be the provider of the Ramshackle Play Program and/or the PLAY6S Program within a geographical region. The Regional Provider will work independently and in coordination with the AMPED2PLAY Regional License team to bring their passion for Active Movement Potential Education to a multigenerational cross-section of individuals of all abilities throughout their region.

You’re a great fit if you:

  • Want to energize and inspire individuals in education, and communities to be happier and healthier through positivity and physical, cognitive and social/emotional activity;
  • Are passionate about the Ramshackle Play and PLAY6S program and philosophy;
  • Have experience owning and operating a business
  • Have impeccable brand-adherence values and integrity;
  • Are a multi-tasker and can manage tasks across various business areas;
  • Are motivated to achieve sales goals and targets
  • Are dedicated to offering superior client services to schools and communities;
  • Have excellent communication skills and are comfortable working with technology;
  • Are organized and can effectively coordinate a team of instructors and their schedule;
  • Are able to understand the education system in your province, policy trends and school needs, and community needs in your area.

Regional License Ownership Requirements

All Ramshackle Play and PLAY6S events require the following:

  • Capacity to run Ramshackle Play and PLAY6S programs on-site and as portable delivery programs;
  • Play Medium Storage;
  • Transportation Arrangements:

When transport of Play medium is required to an off-site Ramshackle Play or PLAY6S program location, access to rental vehicles (typically U-Haul) or personal truck/trailer transport must be available or pre-arranged;

  • Access to PLAY6S Kits;
  • Each event must have pre-arranged insurance, established with AMPED2PLAY;
  • Available AMPED2PLAY Marketing and Signage package;
  • Available AMPED2PLAY Advertising package;
  • Available Communications and Media Plan;
  • AMPED2PLAY participant registration reporting uploads for each event.

For more information on becoming an AMPED2PLAY Regional License Owner, contact Sandra Scott.