AMPED2PLAY Regional License Ownership

AMPED2PLAY Inc. is offering licensing opportunities to motivated and dynamic business owners who want to be the provider of the Ramshackle Play Program and/or the PLAY6S Program within a geographical region. The Regional Provider will work independently and in coordination with the AMPED2PLAY Regional License team to bring their passion for Active Movement Potential Education to a multigenerational cross-section of individuals of all abilities throughout their region.

Meet our Calgary South and Area Regional License Owner!

Sarah Reader was born and raised in the Yukon, and spent her childhood camping, fishing, canoeing, building forts, exploring, and playing in the woods. Her experiences as a child have shaped who she is, and have fed her passion for play and bringing the same type of outdoor, unstructured, loose parts play to her community. She has a Bachelor of Physical Education from the University of Alberta, and has been managing recreation programs in the Calgary area for the past twelve years; from preschool to seniors, and day camps to fitness.
She was the creator and supervisor of the City of Calgary’s Mobile Adventure Playground for three years, and hosted all of the PLAY events at the 2017 International Play Conference in Calgary, including the Monstrous Adventure Playground that had an astounding 800 kids come out to play! Sarah is passionate about bringing back our wildhoods, and educating her community on the importance and value of play.

Regional License Ownership Job Description:

We are currently hiring for the following regions:

  • Edmonton North and Area
  • Edmonton South and Area

For more information on becoming an AMPED2PLAY Regional License Owner, contact Sandra Scott.

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