We provide a variety of customized diversity and inclusion training options. All training can be delivered on-site at your location, at our Amped2Play office, or through a third-party location. We are dedicated to improving diversity and inclusion within your organization, learn more about your options below and contact us to determine which training will be most effective for you and your team.

Diversity and Inclusion Training

Engaging Inclusion

Engaging Inclusion directs you and your organization on how to move forward, based on your current inclusion strategy. We discuss why previous inclusion initiatives are not sustainable or applicable, and how identifying your organization’s differences as strengths will result in innovative and effective change.

Engaging Inclusion can be taken alone but is recommended to precede Policy2People and SenseABLE Services. This is because Engaging Inclusion introduces your team to play terminology, authentic conversation about difference and diversity, and identifying key strategies to inclusive organizational engagement, which is discussed further in Policy2People and SenseABLE Services.

Duration: Full Day

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Braving Connection

Braving Connection guides you and your organization through our process of reconnecting or maintaining connection and understanding within your team during times of crisis or change. Learn how to rebuild your employee wellness through strategies that improve engagement, innovation and resilience. 

Braving Connection is our online Diversity and Inclusion training, that includes Live Sessions with our instructor. Braving Connection can be taken as a stand-alone course, or in conjunction with Engaging Inclusion, Policy2People, and SenseABLE Services.

Duration: Online 10-Hour Course

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Policy2People is a 3-Day (21-Hour) Diversity and Inclusion Training that takes diversity and inclusion policies, statements, values, and principles from words on a page to measurable actions, behaviours, and social change. After being introduced to the foundations of inclusion in Engaging Inclusion, we continue the conversation by utilizing your organization’s innovative strengths to build people ready to adapt in times of unprecedented change.

Policy2People focuses on diversity and inclusion internally within your organization. The external focus on diversity and inclusion is covered in our SenseABLE Services Training, which is the recommended next step to take.

Duration: 3 Full Days (21-Hours)

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SenseABLE Services

SenseABLE Services recognizes that your business relies on customer connection, engagement, and memorable service in order to create repeat customers and revenue growth. Customers with differences and disabilities want more than satisfactory transactions, they are looking for meaningful, authentic, and knowledgeable service. This means that diversity and inclusion is one of the most powerful business tools and strategies you have!

SenseABLE Services is a 3-Day (21-Hour) Corporate Training which will prepare your team to utilize the newly learned diversity and inclusion tools and strategies as resources that internally impact your workplace, and externally impact your client experience.

Duration: 3 Full Days (21-Hours) 

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Leadership Retreats

Have Amped2Play host your next Leadership Retreat at one of our two locations that both provide an exclusive and impactful experience.

AMPED2PLAY provides 3-Day private retreats for leadership teams to participate in interactive applied play experiences that support the physical, mental, and emotional well-being of retreat participants.

The retreats are situated in the foothills on the Eastern slopes of the Alberta Rocky Mountains, west of Cochrane, Alberta. Our AMPED2PLAY professionals will focus on workplace culture, current inclusion and diversity policies, expectations, and concerns; thereby creating an effective and customized 3-day retreat. Our goal is to elevate your individual and collective skills, optimizing newly acquired diverse and inclusive knowledge that can allow each participant to innovatively impact their workplace environment.

Duration: 3 Full Days

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