How Are You?

Building Educator Capacity for Inclusive Practice

How Are You?

“Creating an
of wellness starts
with feeling safe,
sharing vulnerability and
braving authentic

– Brandi Heather

Description of Play Talk

This workshop will open the conversation about how teachers and staff are building their own physical, cognitive and social/emotional capacity for wellness in a diverse and ever-changing school climate. Together we will build connection and understanding for the multiple roles that teachers are fulfilling and grow resiliency within these dynamic practices through the provision of practical tools. Participants leave with resources for self-care in adapting, changing, and learning in inclusive, diverse climates.

Come explore how we can we grow our capacity for change, diversity, and health equity by including play in our teaching environments. Remodel our teaching philosophy for self-care and inclusive practice. Discover that when we recognize and value our own diverse needs, knowledge, and experience that we are more open to understanding the unique needs of others.

Learning Outcomes

  1. Create opportunities for dialogue about the changing face of education and how we can take care of ourselves and our students through understanding our own strengths and differences.
  2. Practice tools for creating classrooms, gymnasiums and playgrounds that consider and provide success for students with learning, physical, cognitive and social emotional differences.
  3. Recognize and examine the physical, cognitive, and social/emotional effect that inclusive practice, diverse teaching environments and expectations are having on practice and wellbeing.
  4. Engage in honest dialogue about how inclusion is both successful and challenging in our teaching spaces.
  5. Discover your play style and how it can add to your teaching wellness.
  6. Identify key tools for creating Sense Able Classrooms for teachers and students.

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