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The stories and voices speaking up from years of athlete sexual, physical, psychological abuse and neglect, and increasing mental health crisis, and discrimination are rising. Sport has a historical culture of non-intervention, and unchecked self-policing policies that have left sport in a crisis of fear and failed trust.



elite athletes receive physical abuse from a sport official or peer athlete. 


of elite athletes were sexually abused as a minor by a sport official or peer athlete.


1 IN 12

elite athletes were sexually assaulted by a sport official or peer athlete.

1 IN 3

elite athletes have received a mental health disorder diagnosis. 

It's Time To Break The Cycle

We do not need another glossy report, survey, or committee. What we need is to address the origin of the issue and deal directly with the foundation of the culture of each sport organization.

The world has zero-tolerance for poor leadership in sport. It’s time to act now and challenge the status quo.

“Instead of addressing the origin of the pervasive ongoing issues, we see a constant attempt to “put out fires”, and leave issues unchanged. It is time to get through the layers of self-preservation and deal directly with the foundation of sport culture. We need to move from one-off prescriptive solutions for the moment to holistic, long-term change for the future of sport.”

– Ozzie Sawicki, CEO, AMPED2PLAY


By investing in leadership and organizational culture, you will provide athletes, coaches, parents, and all stakeholders an experience where everyone feels included in sports. 

Areas we can support your organization include:

The best way to lead is by example. 

“We continue to see the same issues across all sport organizations with the same approaches being used to try to resolve them. It’s time to break the cycle and use an approach that focuses on accountability, inclusivity, and cultural standards.”

– Taryn Lipschitz, CEO, FSQ Sport


FSQ Sport and AMPED2PLAY’s joint venture goal is to work with leaders ready to take action and change now.

AMPED2PLAY are leaders in building inclusive and innovative organizations by challenging and changing their relationship with diversity, accessibility, risk, and resilience. FSQ Consulting are leaders in optimizing organizational culture, objectives, and structure. 

Together, we challenge the status quo in sport leadership. Because the risk of not investing in you and your team is tragic.

How We Can Help You

FSQ Sport and AMPED2PLAY have partnered with the goal of working with leaders ready to demonstrate the leadership necessary to make an immediate impact in sport.

AMPED2PLAY provides:

FSQ Sport provides:


AMPED2PLAY was created as an answer to the critical need in organizations for solutions to account for our loss of physical, cognitive, and social ability to adapt in times of change. Our ability to be immersed in creative change, through recognition of our diversity as our strength, is necessary in order to have the ability to cope in any environment. With diversity viewed as a strength, a culture of inclusion can be created through innovative discovery, providing the ability for inclusive teams to solve the world’s most complex problems, and fulfill our most basic social need, belonging. 


FSQ Consulting Inc., through its FSQ Sport division, was formed to increase quality sport experiences by focusing on people and processes before policies and procedures. The knowledge, tools, and resources support sport organizations in developing organizational culture that drive operational processes and systems. Our mission is to help as many as possible, as long as possible, in the best environments possible.

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