Inclusive Mindset

Navigating Your Own Inclusion Journey


“Inclusion is a feeling,
like belonging,
it only grows when
we let ourselves be

– Brandi Heather

Description of Play Talk

Our schools and workspaces are very diverse, but they are not always inclusive. The Inclusive Mindset session, utilizes play to demonstrate that no matter how many people with multiple physical, cognitive, social or sensory differences that we put in a room (diversity), we cannot create belonging until we first address the ways in which we unknowingly create barriers to inclusion. This can occur through systemic processes, tradition, and fear. Let’s work together to brave connection and build an inclusive school culture using play as the medium for change.

Learning Outcomes

  1. Identify how incorporating an Inclusive Mindset can change the classroom and school climate.
  2. Articulate how an Inclusive Mindset builds resilience, connection, self-efficacy, and acceptance of our own strengths and challenges.
  3. Identify common barriers to Inclusive Mindset including experience, knowledge, environment and unconscious bias.
  4. Apply two or more learned Inclusive Mindset activities or practices that will help build your working environments.

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