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ACT Database

The Adaptive Contact (ACT) Database provides an online resource that allows end users the ability to access information on adaptive programming available in the sport and recreation community.  The ACT Database encourages a clearly defined information resource that can lead to inclusive opportunities for participation at any point along the Long Term Athlete/Participant Development (LTA/PD) pathway.


In the world of competitive business and sport there is an inherent desire to gain whatever advantage possible. AMPED2PLAY provides an innovative and exceptional team experience in international business and high performance/elite sport with the goal to deliver world leading solutions through play.


PLAY6S increases the opportunity for  inclusive and accessible teaching and coaching by providing practical solutions to physical, cognitive, and social/emotional barriers faced by individuals living with disabilities. This is done by building capacity, confidence and compassion of professionals in practice, through the provision of practical tools and education for adaptation and inclusion.


Ramshackle (adjective \ ram·shack·le \ ram-sha-kəl \ “poorly constructed or in a state of near collapse. 

Ramshackle Play creates unique play spaces for participants of all ages and abilities allowing them to invent, construct, build, discover, explore and engage in play with materials typically seen as recyclable or unusable. Ramshackle Play is unique and necessary, it grows positive social change, with the resulting outcomes recreating the historical foundations of play.


Sport4All is an AMPED2PLAY initiative focused on increasing awareness and education about Para-Sport. AMPED2PLAY has three Sport4All experiences: Ski4All – Para Alpine Skiing, Slide4All – Para Nordic/Biathlon, and Ride4All – Para Snowboarding. 
Ski4All was the first launch of this initiative, done in collaboration with the International Paralympic Committee AGITOS Foundation, which is focused on the development, education and awareness of Paralympic sport.