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“When we make physical or social adaptations to include one person with a disability in our event planning, education or community, we make room for all the others who are on the outside silently waiting for an open door.”

– Brandi Heather


PLAY6S Community Programming provides inclusive, interactive movement opportunities for children and youth ages 6-16 of all abilities. We teach fundamental movement skills that build in complexity over the course of 8-weeks in a playful and unique way. Our focus is developing confidence, competence and motivation in each individual through inclusive playful movement.

We welcome all participants to bring along their friends and families to play and learn along side them.

WHY play6s?

In order to be successful in playful movement, we have to first challenge the 3 main barriers, as proven by research, for participation that individuals living with disabilities face when accessing physical activity programming:

  1. Lack of programs and opportunities.
  2. Fear on the part of the participants, parents and instructors.
  3. Lack of training and knowledge on the part of instructors.

(Moran & Block, 2010; Moran, Taliaferro, & Pate, 2014)

We designed PLAY6S as our response to these barriers by:

  1. Increasing the knowledge, skills and confidence of teachers, coaches, and/or professionals through functional PLAY6S Training.
  2. Focusing PLAY6S Community Programming on the physical, cognitive and social/emotional accessibility of spaces, programming and programming facilitation. 
  3. Building PLAY6S Training and PLAY6S Community Programming on a foundation of play. Play is an inherently adaptable and flexible vehicle for connecting people to movement and to their communities.


  1. What will the participant gain from attending this programming?

The opportunity to learn practical, adaptive tools that you can use with your participant in their daily lives while also building a greater connection to your community. Also providing the opportunity for participants to find success in physical literacy in a fun and empowering way. 

2. What is the age range for participants?

We welcome children of all abilities from ages 6 to 16 years old.

*Please note we are currently running programming in Red Deer from January 24th to March 14th, 2019 designed specifically for ages 3 to 9 years old. 

3. Can I be there to participate with my child/participant?

Of course! We ask that each parent/caregiver/guardian remains with their participant throughout each session.

4. Is there anything we need to bring?

All of the equipment used will be provided, we recommend wearing loose fitting clothes that allow for movement and a water bottle. All participants are welcome to bring any devices/equipment that will contribute to their success!


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