Training & Certification


“In 2007, 55 per cent of teachers were satisfied with the inservice they received related to working with students with special needs. By 2014, their level of satisfaction had dropped to 11 per cent. Many studies note that ongoing, thoughtfully planned professional development is key to the success of inclusion”

– Blue Ribbon Report, Alberta Education

(Jenkins and Yoshimura 2010; Konza 2008; Lupart and Webber 2012; Male 2011; Subban and Sharma 2005)

What is PLAY6S Training & Certification?

PLAY6S Training and Certification is aimed at increasing inclusive and accessible teaching and coaching by providing practical solutions to physical, cognitive, and social/emotional barriers faced by individuals living with disabilities.

The PLAY6S objective is to reduce the barriers to participation of individuals of all abilities by building capacity, confidence and compassion of professionals in practice, through the provision of practical tools and education for adaptation and inclusion.

WHY play6s?

In order to be successful in playful movement, we have to first challenge the 3 main barriers, as proven by research, for participation that individuals living with disabilities face when accessing physical activity programming:

  1. Lack of programs and opportunities.
  2. Fear on the part of the participants, parents and instructors.
  3. Lack of training and knowledge on the part of instructors.

(Moran & Block, 2010; Moran, Taliaferro, & Pate, 2014)

We designed PLAY6S as our response to these barriers by:

  1. Increasing the knowledge, skills and confidence of teachers, coaches, and/or professionals through functional PLAY6S Training.
  2. Focusing PLAY6S Community Programming on the physical, cognitive and social/emotional accessibility of spaces, programming and programming facilitation. 
  3. Building PLAY6S Training and PLAY6S Community Programming on a foundation of play. Play is an inherently adaptable and flexible vehicle for connecting people to movement and to their communities.

who was play6s training & certification designed for?

  • Teachers
  • Coaches
  • Educational Professionals
  • Healthcare Service Providers
  • Recreational, Physical and Occupational Therapists
  • Community Program Leaders
  • Caregivers and Parents
  • Any individual interested in learning the tools needed to make their spaces more adaptable and inclusive


  1. The ability to recognize, consider, and adapt to the sensory environment, opportunities, and challenges that each child may face.
  2. Knowledge in how to practically apply play in your programs as a useful inherent tool for movement development. 
  3. The ability to critically examine spaces in which you become adept at removing/reducing barriers while celebrating success through diversity and inclusion.
  4.  Useful PLAY6S tools to help elevate the inclusivity and adaptability of your current programming.
  5. Gain hands-on training through active learning and discovery, in a safe and supportive environment with PLAY6S Mentors.

PLAY6S Certification process


PLAY6S Foundations Certification

6 Hour Training

From Fear to Function
Sense Able Practice
Inclusive Mindset
Practicing 6S


PLAY6S Trained Certification

6 Hour Training

Putting Play into Practice
PLAY6S Process
Teaching PLAY6S



16 Hour Training

In Community Programming
Co-Facilitation with Certified PLAY6S Mentor
Evaluation in Practice by Certified PLAY6S Mentor

What is play6s foundations training?

PLAY6S Foundations Training is a one day, six-hour training session for educators, caregivers, and professionals in any practice who are interested in learning comprehensive, practical, and easy to use tools for making their spaces more adaptable and inclusive.

This training has been created by specialists in Adapted Physical Activity, Education, Paralympic Sport and Therapeutic Play. We specifically designed this training to recognize the necessity for balancing the needs of the professional including; reducing fears, connecting to personal barriers, building inclusive mindset, identifying sensory difference, and creating supportive teaching spaces while meeting the needs of all students. Together, we have created a safe space for professionals to share authentic reflections about challenges and barriers they face when working with students who move, understand, behave, connect and communicate in ways that are unfamiliar to them. The second half of the training focuses on exploring equipment and tools for the classroom, gymnasium, and playground that help both students and educators build successful, motivating and fun environments through play.

Those who complete PLAY6S Foundations training will be able to utilize the complete toolkit of PLAY6S adaptations necessary to build inclusive opportunities, activities and environments for the physical, cognitive and social success of every student, community member and participant in their spaces.