The Catalyst for Creating Positive Change

Play Brave is a catalyst for creating change within an organization by finding the unique strengths and play-styles of your team. This workshop recognizes a fundamental need to address the significant role that employee engagement and performance plays in a company’s profitability. Play Brave takes your organization through a series of AMPED2PLAY Interactive Applied Play Experiences that become the spark for increased creativity, innovative problem solving, resilience, connection and adaptability.

This workshop opens the conversation about how all levels of your organization can build their own physical, cognitive and social/emotional capacity for wellness in a diverse and ever-changing corporate climate. We invite the unique strengths and challenges of your team to be expressed in a safe, low-stakes environment that allows them to practice risk taking, innovation and resilience for the ever-changing workplace environment.

The link between employee satisfaction and productivity is long-established. Research has found that happy workers are 12% more productive than their less satisfied counterparts. Loyal employees = Loyal customers. Loyal employees are worth more than their weight in gold. They uphold your brand and ensure the sustainability of your business. (Gallop, 2017)

Key Outcomes

  • Grow organizational, personal, and professional resilience in the face of change.
  • Learn how play can influence employee engagement and connection.
  • Identify barriers to creativity and innovation in your workplace.
  • Take employee engagement from a survey statistic into performance for profit.
  • Improve clarity and communication for employees who work on multiple teams.
  • Increased flexibility, empathy and adaptability in workplace collaboration.