When we are in “play” we are our most authentic self, we often lose track of time, let down our guard, speak candidly, “we are engaged in the purest expression of our humanity, the truest expression of our individuality.” 

(Brown, S. 2009, p.15).

Description of Play Brave

In a world filled with defined expectations, rule bound processes, and sharply stated objectives, play is one of the bravest choices we can make. AMPED2PLAY recognizes the physiological, social and intellectual need to return to and indulge in play in order to grow, strengthen, innovate and diversify our workplace, organizations, and teams.

Play Brave is a mechanism for change, it is the overarching belief that we can create lasting and authentic change, connection, and innovation. Play Brave workshops take your organization through a series of Playable activities that become the catalyst for increased and sustainable connection, teamwork and resilience.

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