AMPED is an acronym that stands for Active Movement Potential Education.
All of our services and programs are built on the foundation of play.
We are also always AMPED to PLAY when delivering our services.

Societally, we have moved away from a natural exposure to risk, adversity, and diversity. We have let fear be the compass for our actions, behavior, and connections. In order to address sustainable physical, cognitive, and social change over a lifetime we need to return to a place of unfiltered conversations and genuine connection. We cannot continue to play on the surface of our deepest societal issues. Play is the catalyst for authenticity and sustainable change.

No! Amped2Play strongly believes “play” is a lifelong adventure. We provide multigenerational services as one of our four values. We do offer programming for children, but our programming is offered for all ages. In fact, we have workshops and retreats that are created to support business performance and sports performance for all levels.

No! We are not, however, we do provide a number of inclusive play programming for children. We are multigenerational, meaning that we work with children, youth, adults, seniors, and all the ages between.

Yes, yes and yes. We value providing professional and measurable play solutions to corporations, small businesses, and high-performance teams. We have a number of services that will improve performance in all 3 respective areas.

We offer a variety of diversity and inclusion training and programming. We provide performance training and coaching. We have a number of geographic data and technology solutions. We are truly unique as all of our services are rooted in play.

PLAY6S is one of our multigenerational and inclusive play programs. The 6 “S” are the six environmental influences to assess and consider when creating or running any program to be more adaptable and inclusive.


We offer PLAY6S Training for all individuals interested, however, this is a required training for our Regional Licence Owners. The PLAY6S Training pathway looks like this:
  1. PLAY6S Foundations Training
  2. PLAY6S Trained Certification
  3. PLAY6S Mentorship

PLAY6S Foundations Training

Ramshackle (adjective \ ram·shack·le \ ram-sha-kəl \) “poorly constructed or in a state of near collapse”.
Ramshackle Play is recreating the historical foundations and process of play which fosters independent player-led learning. Players explore, risk, discover, fail, commit, and develop physically, cognitively, socially / emotionally, and collectively. Ramshackle Play gives players unique play situations where people of all ages regardless of ability can find their space to explore their play while expanding in resiliency, responsibility, and readiness in all areas of health.
We offer Ramshackle Play Training for all individuals interested, however, this is a required training for our Regional Licence Owners. The Ramshackle Play Training pathway looks like this:
  1. Ramshackle Play Foundations Training
  2. Ramshackle Play Trained Certification
  3. Ramshackle Play Mentorship

Ramshackle Play Training

At Amped2Play, we feel anyone can benefit from taking these courses. However, they are especially beneficial for educators, teacher’s aids, recreation staff, daycare and day home providers, parents, volunteers, health care providers, and coaches. All of our Regional Licence Owners are required to complete our Play Trainings.

Once an individual has completed the Play Training Pathways for both PLAY6S and Ramshackle Play, they can purchase the exclusive rights to an area in Canada or the USA. They run PLAY6S and Ramshackle Play Events and Training for School Districts,  Community, and Recreation Centres. They enter into a revenue-sharing agreement with AMPED2PLAY and AMPED2PLAY provides ongoing support.

Become a Regional Owner

Once an individual has completed the PLAY6S and/or Ramshackle Play Pathway they can be hired by AMPED2PLAY and/or Regional Licence Owners to operate PLAY6S and/or Ramshackle Play programming. Amped2Play requires all staff to be certified in PLAY6S and/or Ramshackle Play to run the programs. Completing our Play Training Pathways also provides you with an extensive supply of tools to implement play objectives, strategies, and inclusive practices into your own classrooms, workplace, and other spaces.

Of course! If we do not have a Regional Licence Owner in your area to help you with your service needs, we will travel to you. All you have to do is contact us!

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