SenseABLE Services

Customer Connection, Engagement and Service

Your business relies on customer connection, engagement and service in order to create repeat customers, and revenue. Diversity and Inclusion is one of the most powerful business tools and strategies you have. SenseABLE Services is our second step of four, where we connect you with your ustomers with disabilities who want more than satisfactory transactions; you will become equipped to provide them with meaningful, authentic, and knowledgeable service. Get SenseABLE!

Why SenseABLE Service?

Every interaction between your clients and your environment drives their decision to return. SenseABLE Service Training uses a combination of principles including diversity training, inclusive culture, social psychology, and behavior economics in connection with sensory integration to build connection. These are the barriers to continued interactions with clients:

    • Judgement
    • Shame
    • Vulnerability
    • Empathy
    • Sensitivity
    • Stereotypes
    • Risk Avoidance
    • Fear of Rejection
    • Differences of Language and Communication

In a single interaction, customers can experience all/some of these barriers to your messaging, brand, and product. ALL CAN and DO affect your profitability.  

"Most businesses are not taking advantage of the nearly half a trillion dollars in market value of this population. Given that people with disabilities are part of families and communities, the number of people who could purchase goods and services for this population more than doubles." 

Return on Investment:

  • Increased diverse customer base and engagement (“a half trillion-dollar market” according to the American Institutes for Research 2018). 
  • Recognition as SenseABLE Employer and Company to partners, community, and shareholders.
  • Increased employee engagement and empathy.
  • Increased creative and innovative solutions to unique customer needs.
  • Creates a stronger and broader narrative about disability, diversity and inclusion.
  • Diversity + Inclusion and Understanding = greater engagement for employees and customers.
  • Organizations prepared for disruption and difference with proactive, practiced solutions.