Get ready to honor your shape, the shape of those around you, and bend. If you don’t know what we mean by these terms yet… CONGRATULATIONS! You just found the first few things you’re going to get out of our Braving Connection session with your school.

In a world filled with defined expectations, rule-bound processes, and sharply stated objectives; play is one of the bravest choices we can make. AMPED2PLAY recognizes the physiological, social, and intellectual need to return to and indulge in play in order to grow, strengthen, innovate, and diversify our school cultures.

In Braving Connection, we deliver an unforgettable learning experience from Kindergarten to Grade 12, that bounces between laughter, discomfort, new learnings, and play in order to help you Brave Connection inside and outside  your school. Braving Connection takes your organization through a series of playable, inclusive, and learnable activities that first targets students, then educators, and then leadership teams. These acitivities become the catalyst for increased and sustainable connection, inclusion, and resilience between students and their peers, students, and their teachers, and educators with their coworkers.

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