“Engagement is an outcome of diversity and inclusion. For those organizations which have embraced the idea that improving levels of engagement is a pathway to business performance, but have reached an engagement plateau, these findings provide a new avenue of action.”

(Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu Ltd., 2013)

Engaging Inclusion is a high impact workshop that will leave you and your organization engaged by authentic conversations on diversity & inclusion and engaged to use your diverse strengths as a key to building inclusive coaching, instruction, or facilitation.

Engaging Inclusion is the first step in our corporate package for Diversity and Inclusion Training. Participants can expect an interactive workshop that will create space to explore difference and the unexpected by building a stepwise process of trust, respect, and connection.

Together we explore models that develop full understandings of diversity, without shame and judgement. We build strategies based on YOUR organization’s identified strengths and challenges thus creating measurable change in inclusive, innovative, and creative solutions.

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