ISOLOVEPLAY delivers hundreds of physical, cognitive, and social-emotional play opportunities for individuals of all ages and abilities, right to your front door.

Each box includes 30+ play materials, play starters, and endless opportunities for play that have been developed by professionals in practice with over 20 years of experience.

Why play in a box? Play is an essential part of development and staying engaged, especially during a time of illness or isolation. The ISOLOVEPLAY box creates an opportunity for playful connection, education, movement, challenge, and success. Each product is intentionally chosen to provide multiple play scenarios, in numerous creative ways.

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The original ISOLOVEPLAY box includes over 30 play materials, play starters, and access to our virtual playdates. The learnings and opportunities that will arise from playing with these items are endless! Recommended for individuals of all abilities. Adult supervision recommended for children under 6 years old.


The Senior ISOLOVEPLAY box includes over 30 play materials designed to practice fine motor tasks, provide opportunities for socialization and laughter, critical thinking, problem-solving, and so much more. There is no minimum or maximum age, it is suitable for adults and seniors of any age and ability.



There are many things!

There are:
Things that crunch
Things that fold
Things that squish
Things that rip
Things that grow
Things that bend
Things that color
Things that stretch
Things that tie
Things that snap
Things that open and close
Things that bounce
Things that balance
Things that roll
Things that connect
Things that fly
Things that jump

Things that all need you to become PLAY!

All of our virtual play dates take place on our ISOLOVEPLAY Facebook Group. Click here to join!

ISOLOVEPLAY reminds individuals of all ages that play is the foundation of movement physically, cognitively and socially. The box requires curiosity, imagination, new ways of seeing and doing an activity. It moves participants to ask… can I do something new and challenging? What makes me feel confident and competent? How can I lead others by showing and explaining how I am using the box contents to keep my body and mind in play?

The contents can and will be used in multiple ways over and over again. Often, you will see one project turn into many more as contents are chosen for their unique ability to create multiple play scenarios.

The Original ISOLOVEPLAY box is available for all ages and abilities, however, we recommend children 6 and under to have adult supervision.

The Senior ISOLOVEPLAY box is available for adults and seniors of all ages and abilities. It does have a number of small items for fine motor tasks, so it is not recommended for young children.

There are no instructions, however, there are over 40 Play Starters that are gender-neutral, non-age specific, and adaptable. Play Starters are suggestions, not instructions. They are open to many adaptations including:

  • Storytelling and Symbolic Play
  • Movement and Manipulation Play
  • Science and Speed Play
  • Games and Giggles Play

The Play Starters vary slightly for our Senior ISOLOVEPLAY box to re-ignite more complex connections through play. All Play Starters were created by our Adapted Physical Education Specialist with over 20+ years of experience in creating inclusive and diverse play opportunities.

ISOLOVEPLAY Virtual Play Dates are our online program that allows anyone who has purchased an ISOLOVEPLAY box to play with other players, families, and friends in a virtually connected space. Join our virtual play dates here

We can set up ISOLOVEPLAY virtual play dates for specific groups upon request. Please contact us via email at to arrange.

Local deliveries are available for Edmonton, Red Deer, and Calgary. All other locations will receive their orders via Canada Post. If you are unsure, please contact us at

Yes, group and bulk purchases are welcome! Please contact for more information.

We can also set up virtual play dates specific to certain groups, where players can explore the box together virtually!

All boxes are produced in a clean and sanitized environment. The contents have been sterilized. We recommend wiping down the box they are delivered in and following other government COVID-19 guidelines. For local orders, each box is delivered to your doorstep by AMPED2PLAY staff. Delivery is non-contact.

The therapeutic play and educational objectives of the box include:

  • Self-Regulation (Social/Emotional)
  • Focus (Cognitive)
  • Decision Making and Autonomy (Cognitive)
  • Fine and Gross Motor Movement Designed by and with the Participant (Physical)
  • Imagination and Invention (Cognitive)
  • Communication (Social, Cognitive)

The boxes are all unique multi-sensory experiences. There are multiple textures, weights, and sizes of objects. Individuals may require assistance navigating the materials as well as supervision, however, the box does not exclude any participant, no matter their age or disability.

We create energy and passion for change using evidence based processes through play. Our services include diversity and inclusion training, play training, and customized workplace and sport performance coaching.

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We create energy and passion for change using evidence based processes through play. Our services include diversity and inclusion training, play training, and customized workplace and sport performance coaching.


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