Founders Ozzie Sawicki and Brandi Heather are offering one-on-one consults to leaders in business, education, sport, and community who are looking to find new strategies, build connection, and effectively lead their people during these unprecedented times.

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Online Family and Caregiver Therapeutic Play Consultations

Online Therapeutic Play Consultation and Education for families, struggling to meet the physical, cognitive and or social /emotional needs of their children (regardless of ability, diagnosis, or age). Brandi works with families by consulting on how play builds social, cognitive, and physical engagement that can help to reduce stress and increase positive coping strategies for a lifetime.

These Play Consults help families to connect and address in play:

  1. How we can work together during change
  2. How we can use play to connect and belong
  3. How play shows our strengths and abilities
  4. How imagination and invention help us feel confident and competent
  5. How we can use play to manage stress
  6. How play can help us to feel less isolated and alone

Move Your Business From Diversity to Inclusion 

Want to create optimal environments where people can safely share, risk, and connect to barriers and solutions for creating inclusive organizational cultures? Spend time with Brandi and uncover how your business can create authentic, sustainable inclusive culture from the inside out.

The Business of Play

In a world filled with defined expectations, rule-bound processes, and sharply stated objectives; play is a powerful tool for growth and change. Ignite innovation, creativity and resilience in your business model. Let’s discuss how your business can benefit from playing for a change.

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Leadership Perspectives for Keeping Life Real in these Unreal Times

Ozzie offers an exceptional opportunity for those leaders looking to find new ideas, perspectives, and strategies to lead their people during these unprecedented times.

Ozzie stresses that the health and safety of individuals and their families are at the forefront of how business and sport must now operate, with a clear understanding that there are significant economic ramifications that will impact all of us globally for months and years to come.

As an accomplished business and sport leader, Ozzie believes that we must provide solutions to engage people through the complexities of the social and mental challenges that will arise in every individual’s personal “community”, such as:

  1. How we lead moving forward and why that’s more important now than ever before.
  2. How to create meaningful conversations on what that leadership looks like in business, sport and community.
  3. How leaders develop engagement and implementation strategies in times that have limited and constantly changing opportunities.
  4. And perhaps most importantly, how leaders can now start to build the future outcomes that bring business and sport organizations back to an operational reality that can once again flourish with a healthy team behind them.

FAQs – Some of the key areas which Ozzie is presently consulting in:

  1. Keeping people mentally healthy during times of isolation. Developing tools such as ISOLOVEPLAY to create connectivity in these unprecedented times.
  2. Working with the International Paralympic Committee Winter Sports in developing short through long terms strategies in real time. It is a critical time to continually assess daily change while measuring the potential change management needs that will occur into 2020, 2021 and further.
  3. Retooling governance structures in both for-profit and not-for-profit organizations to meet the needs of all partners in and business and sport. This has taken on an unexpected and important need over the first quarter of 2020.
  4. Retraining populations to manage the change they will face, starting with methods to introduce dealing with adversity, risk and other challenges that will initially be fear based. How do we create resilience moving into an unknown?
  5. How to ensure that empathy and human kindness become one the important keys to strong leadership. Assisting businesses in being effective in a global recovery process.
  6. What are the Diversity and Inclusion needs of 2020 onwards that we will now face as we look at rebuilding a global community that is now in isolation?
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We create energy and passion for change using evidence based processes through play. Our services include diversity and inclusion training, play training, and customized workplace and sport performance coaching.

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We create energy and passion for change using evidence based processes through play. Our services include diversity and inclusion training, play training, and customized workplace and sport performance coaching.


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