PLAY6S (Play-Success) provides inclusive, interactive movement opportunities for children and youth of all abilities. Participants build their fundamental movement skills that increase in complexity in a playful and unique way.

In a single day, we can grow capacity in approximately 450 students, and between 12 and 20 educators, educational assistants, administrative staff, parents and volunteers. We equip educators to provide both success and challenge for students of varying physical, cognitive and social/emotional abilities and experience.

Our focus is on developing confidence, competence, and motivation in each individual through inclusive playful movement. We look at how Size, Space, Speed, Support, Sound, and Surface can provide an opportunity for challenge and success. The PLAY6S objective is to reduce the barriers to the participation of individuals of all abilities by building capacity, confidence, and compassion of professionals in practice, through the provision of practical tools and education for adaptation and inclusion.

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