PLAY6S Training and Certification reduces the barriers to participation in movement activity for individuals of all abilities by building the capacity, confidence, and creativity of educators, coaches, and health service providers.

While play can be seemingly chaotic or frivolous there is a need to understand the dynamic processes at work. Play Training gives us the tools to elevate players experiences, provide safe and nurturing learning environments, while still meeting progressive developmental objectives.

PLAY6S Training provides you with the tools that elevate the inclusivity and adaptability of your programming, without time-consuming planning and process. Participants will engage in high impact learning experiences that provide practical and useable tools for adapting the physical, social, and sensory environment to increase participant success. Engagement strategies will be provided that build on and enhance your unique skills and experiences as an asset to creating inclusive programs and instruction. Most importantly, participants will utilize play as a bridge to physical literacy, movement development, and motivation with hands-on learning and activities that you can apply in practice NOW!

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