“Decades of social science research point to a simple truth: You won’t get people on board by blaming them and shaming them with rules and re-education.”
(Kahneman, D. et al., 2018)

Policy2People is our 3-day in-person training that focuses on diversity and inclusion internally within your organization. We move your organization from well-written policy documents to impactful change in people by taking you through our customized process of implementable solutions.

We demonstrate and utilize your organization’s innovative strengths to build people ready to manage and succeed in times of unprecedented change.

In this process, AMPED2PLAY partners with you to discover your team’s unique strengths to fuel genuine engagement and performance. Your organization will grow inclusive practices through personal and team immersion in sensory awareness, environmental scanning, and adaptive communication experiences.

We will cultivate a range of social and emotional capabilities such as empathy, adaptability, self-awareness, and self-regulation through experiential learning with your team.

Transform your words into action. It’s time for unfiltered conversations and genuine, measurable change in diversity and inclusion training.

“Our greatest differences are our greatest strengths.
Once we unlock this mindset, our whole team finds value.”- Brandi Heather, CKO

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