Ramshackle (adjective Ä ram·shack·le Ä ram-sha-kəl Ä) “poorly constructed or in a state of near collapse”.

While play can be seemingly chaotic or frivolous there is a need to understand the dynamic processes at work. Play Training gives us the tools to elevate player’s experiences, provide safe and nurturing learning environments, while still meeting progressive developmental objectives.

Ramshackle Play Training guides participants skills and knowledge in the scientific and experiential benefits of unstructured play on learning, coping, and thriving in education, recreation, and health care. Risk and play are recognized as an avenue to multigenerational physical health, cognitive flexibility, memory, attention, social connection, and belonging. Ramshackle Play Training demonstrates how to balance success and challenge with risk vs. hazards in developing physical, social, and intellectual resilience, readiness and adaptability.

The Ramshackle Play Foundations Certificate grows your team’s ability to create unique play situations where people of all ages, regardless of ability can find space to explore, risk, discover, fail, create, and develop physical, cognitive, and social/emotional competency and confidence.

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