Ramshackle (adjective Ä ram·shack·le Ä ram-sha-kəl Ä) “poorly constructed or in a state of near collapse”.

RAMSHACKLE PLAY is recreating the historical foundations and process of play which fosters independent, player-led learning. It is unique and necessary by providing educators the opportunity to step back and see everything that they have built within their student’s play out. It grows positive social change, through exploration and discovery of play with materials typically seen as recycled or unusable.

The result of RAMSHACKLE PLAY is a rich play environment that fosters connections across generations and through education for people of all abilities resulting in a resilient, responsible and ready demographic. Players explore, risk, discover, fail, create, and develop physically, cognitively, socially/emotionally, and collectively. RAMSHACKLE PLAY provides players with unique play situations where students of all ages regardless of ability can find their space to explore their play.

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