Optimize your customer service experience and engagement by creating spaces where customers feel you had their needs in mind before they arrived.

Would you like to know how to manage employee and customer retention at the same time? We know that emotional factors comprise up to 70% of economic decision-making. Every interaction between your clients and your service drives their decision to return.

SenseABLE Service is comprised of the following:

RECOGNIZE: Recognition of multiple ways your customers navigate sensory input and out­put, including sensory integration, over and under sensitivity to visual, auditory (hearing), vestibular, tactile (touch), taste, proprioception.

RESPOND: Employees who are willing to and empowered to explore innovative and creative solutions to customer challenges and unique needs, feeling both valued and valuable in the process.

Innovate: Utilize the high impact learning experiences and authentic exploration of your organization’s physical, cognitive and social environment.

SenseABLE Service Training creates sustainable change by immersing participants in experiential, applied play scenarios that evoke the drive for physical, cognitive and social/ emotional adaptation and connection. Built and taught by professionals in practice with lived experience and expertise.

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