Sport4All develops an educated understanding and increased excitement about the sport of Para-Alpine skiing, Para-Nordic skiing, and Para-Snowboard.

Sport4All engages visitors at alpine skiing, nordic, and snowboard venues hosting World Para-Snowsport (WPSS) or International Ski Federation (FIS) Snowsport competitions, to visit a Ski4All, Slide4All or Ride4All festival site. These festival sites are created to encourage the public to experience what elite para-athletes are using as adaptive equipment and to gain an increased appreciation of what para-snowsport involves. Everyone can try a sit-ski, experience visual impairment on skis, and try outriggers as a standing disability.

All those who take part in a Sport4All experience will also meet the elite para-athletes who are competing or are in attendance as para-snowsport ambassadors. Sport4All creates connectivity to newcomers and existing fans of para-snowsport to provide an active and informative opportunity to increase awareness of what an elite para-athlete is accomplishing.

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