Diversity & Inclusion

Find solutions for incorporating diversity and inclusion into your workplace, business, school environment and/or community. We provide diversity and inclusion training for corporate, sport, education and community in a transformative way, that emphasizes the need to learn in an enjoyable and playful environment.

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Braving Connection

Grow, strengthen, innovate, connect, and diversify your school culture.

Engaging Inclusion

Increase employee engagement, collaboration, and reduce employee absenteeism.


Stay playful and connected when required to be isolated, alone, or at home for extended periods of time.


Professional Development for applying inclusive PLAY6S objectives.

PLAY6S Training

Learn unique adaptive tools to include people of all ages and abilities.


Grow organizational, personal, and professional resilience in the face of change.


Create authentic, sustainable, and measurable change within your organization's culture.

Ramshackle Play

Build resilient individuals in an inclusive and multigenerational play environment.

Ramshackle Play Training

Cultivate spaces that encourage connections across generations and individuals of all abilities.

SenseABLE Services

Optimize your customer service so that customers feel you had their needs in mind before they arrived.


We recognize the importance of utilizing fundamental play concepts in Corporate, Sport and other high performing environments to increase performance capacity. We provide a number of tools through PLAY2PERFORM, AMPEDAnalytics, AMPEDSport and Performance Sport Consultation. These services will realize profit and success increases as well as produce increased individual and team productivity, wellness, creativity and resiliency.

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AMPED2PLAY is rooted in technology that allow the integration of a broad range of data applications, analytics, system design and spatial (geographic) location data solutions. Our technology foundation is innovative by providing unique solutions, accessible services, and new perspectives that will benefit end-users of all abilities and ages.

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