Our response to the adaptive community’s challenges in accessing services.

ACCESS4YOU is an app designed by AMPED2PLAY in response to the adaptive community’s clearly stated challenges in accessing services.

The primary challenge is knowing what accessible features are provided by business and organizational service providers, and how to find this information. ACCESS4YOU offers location (map) access to current, quality-controlled, and consumer reviewed information that applies AI to identify and match a customer’s accessibility needs and what is currently available.

Currently, there is a lack of accurate, quality-controlled, location-based information on accessible services, facilities, and programming available to consumers with varying abilities. Direct feedback from the adaptive community indicates difficulty when accessing arts and entertainment, facilities, health and beauty, housing and accommodation, medical care, sport and recreation, and transportation. This issue reflects a global lack of connectivity to those requiring practical accessibility solutions.

It is estimated that 22% of the Canadian population and 26% of the US population have some form of disability. Based on these statistics, ACCESS4YOU provides an opportunity for 70 million possible users, who typically have significant accessibility restrictions, to have a real-time mobile solution. ACCESS4YOU will improve consumer confidence and empower users of all abilities to apply their lived experience to bridge the gap between service accessiblity and consumer need.

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