AMPED2PLAY works with performance organizations and corporations building measurable, play-based strategies and implementable solutions leading to profitable returns on investment. We work with the collective differences in each organization by building an understanding of cultural and personal diversity that creates an inclusive and elevated operational process.

AMPED2PLAY provides an experienced high-performance team, led by CEO Ozzie Sawicki, with a collective background in elite performance sport and corporate leadership. Involvement in defense, education, indigenous culture, resource, space, sport, and technology sectors demonstrates the diverse range of Canadian and International projects and performance team programs that AMPED2PLAY provides.

AMPED2PLAY has extensive experience with all facets of athlete development. This includes basic physical literacy considerations and long-term athlete development requirements, through to the transitional elements necessary to introduce athletes to competition, performance and high-performance environments in a well-planned, success driven process.

We explore the diverse attitudes, expectations, experiences and perspectives of your current organizational and/or sport culture and create a process through which each individual can identify their diverse strengths and challenges. This includes recognizing their own capabilities, who they are and how they engage with their colleagues. We encourage them to discover their strengths by exploring their vulnerability and fear.