What Shape Are You?

Our Differences Are Our Superpowers!

What Shape Are You?

Welcoming, caring, respectful and safe learning environments are created by building a foundation of trust and appreciation for difference. This workshop uses “Shapes” as the platform for seeing our physical, cognitive and social strengths as valuable assets for self-care, collaboration and creating safe and inclusive spaces.

Description of Play Talk

The goal of the workshop is to identify our own strengths, unpack fixed mindsets, explore ways of communicating, understanding and connecting in a play-based, safe environment. We will break down our understanding of how labels and assumptions can be barriers to seeing potential in ourselves and others by exploring our uniqueness through shapes.

The Shapes Play Talk gives educators, administrators and staff a common ground for discussing differences from an ability and strength based lens. Students and educators can benefit from identifying that our differences and the differences of those we work with make us stronger, and that we need all the shapes in order to thrive.

Learning Outcomes

  1. Discover the importance of play in every environment.
  2. Learn how diversity and difference impacts our daily interactions with others.
  3. Develop the skills to identify strengths in play as a tool for collaboration and connection.
  4. Discuss how our differences are vital to creating strong communities and supporting inclusive practices.
  5. Evaluate the strengths of their team, and how best to use those strengths to support each other and increase wellness.

Duration of workshop

This workshop can be delivered as:

  • An Interactive Keynote Address.
  • Half Day Team Building for Student Leadership Groups.
  • Half or Full Day Whole School Activity (Broken into Grade Levels).
  • Half Day Professional Learning Opportunity (3 Hours)

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